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    Rip baby gal


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    Freddy Krueger SBs

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    Pizza Planet Truck

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    colette Paris Robbed for €600,000 EUR

    Around 10 a.m CET, stalwart street boutique colette was robbed by two rogue thieves, who made off with an estimated €600,000 worth of goods. The longtime retailer was just stirring for the weekend traffic when the robbers, armed with an axe and pump gun, burst into the boutique and forced seven employees (including the security guard) to the ground. Proceeding to smash open the display cases with an axe, the robbers then lifted an array of expensive watches and accessories, escaping on a scooter with falsified license plates. While thankfully no one was physically harmed, here we extend our condolences to the pioneering retailer. With the investigation still ongoing, be sure to look for more news on this story as it unfolds.

    Author: Josh Davis  /  Source: Yahoo News/AFP

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